Vina Del Mar – Best Vacation Spots in Winter


Vina Del Mar, Chile is one of the best vacation spots in winter to travel to. Located in Chile, it is on the Pacific coast just a short one hour drive from Santiago Chile. Visitors to South America will land at the international airport in Santiago, Chile. A relatively short one hour drive takes you to Vina Del Mar along the Pacific coast. This is a beach town renown for sandy beaches, restaurants and condos.
The native language is Spanish, although many people especially in tourist areas speak sufficient English to help visitors from North America. Park your car along the beach with the help of one of the many parking attendants who will assist you with parking and look after your car for the day. Don’t forget to tip them. This is how they make their living!
Enjoy the beach, the restaurants and the many bars. Visit near by old town Valparaiso where you can explore many side streets and appreciate the old shipping port. There are also museums to visit such as the Artequin Museum and the Museum of archaeology and History. You may want to book a trip to Easter Island off the coast of Chile. Taxis both shared and regular are available to get around, along with bus transportation. It is quite safe in Chile for tourists, however like all large cities, tourists should take standard precautions.